Bring your own dog

Bring your own dog

Do you know that you can bring your own dog to MyDOG? When you bring your dog to the MyDOG an inspection of your dog is included as well (optional) as participating in the contest “Gothenburg Most Charming Dog”.

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Before your visit

Your dog must be more than 4 months old, and you must have a valid vaccination certificate for the dog.

Your dog needs to be vaccinated against distemper according to following

Dog younger than 1 year: vaccinated not before 10 weeks old.

Dog older than 1 year: vaccinated not before 10 months old.

First time vaccination must be done more than fourteen days before exhibition.

The Entrance for dogs and dog owners are through the vetinary examination close to the main entrance (entrance 5) or Entrance 1. MyDOG have the right to refuce entrance for dogs based on own assessment.