Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opening hours for MyDOG 2024?

All days (January 11-14) from 9 AM to approximately 5:30 PM. MyDOG opens at 7 AM, but activities and exhibitions start at 9 AM. Keep in mind that there will be fewer exhibiting dogs after 3 PM. The event closes when the finals are completed, usually around 5:30 PM.

I have purchased a ticket to MyDOG but haven't received it yet. What should I do?

Contact [email protected] for ticket inquiries.

What time will my dog be exhibited?


I haven't received my number bib for the exhibition yet. When is it expected to arrive?

For questions regarding your registration, contact VAKK at tel: 076-0618794 or email: [email protected].

Does the bag prohibition, which was introduced on November 1, 2023, apply at MyDOG?

The decision currently does not apply to MyDOG, but this may change before your visit. For more information on Svenska Mässan's general security measures, and to stay updated on current regulations, please check and our other communication channels.

Do you need to pay to watch the live broadcasts?

We are aware of comments on our Facebook page and other platforms that encourage clicking on links asking for registration or payment to watch our live broadcasts. Our live broadcasts are free and do not require creating an account. You can only view the live streams and recordings via – not through any other website.

I am exhibiting my dog on one of the days. Can I bring my dog for free on other days as well, even when it's not being exhibited?

Yes, a dog exhibited at MyDOG can enter for free on all days. Always bring the dog's number bib (with the date clearly visible) and vaccination certificate. However, you only get free entry on the days your dog is competing; for the remaining days, you will need to purchase an entrance ticket.

Do you need to pay for the dogs if you are a member of SHU?

Yes, in the same way as everyone else (unless you are performing or similar)

Are female dogs in heat allowed to visit MyDOG?

Yes, that's fine. However, please check the specific rules if the dog is to be exhibited or participate in any other competition.

What are the rules for bringing a dog to MyDOG (vaccination, age, dog ticket)?


Is there a veterinarian on-site?


What to do if the exhibition paper is lost?

Bring your vaccination certificate, your dog, and proof of payment to the veterinary inspection, where new number bibs will be available.

Where do you recommend parking?

Read more about how to find MyDOG and where parking is available here xxx

We plan to attend the fair with a visiting dog, but the vaccination certificate was unfortunately left at home. Is it okay to show a photo of it at the veterinary inspection?

A photo of the vaccination certificate is sufficient unless it concerns tooth loss or similar issues.

Can you see which kennels are exhibiting? What should I check?

No, you cannot see which kennels are exhibiting before the event.

If you have a photo of your dog's pedigree, is it enough, or must you bring the original? (Not for exhibition, just bringing the dog)

The most important thing is that you can show a valid vaccination certificate and that the dog is vaccinated against distemper.

Is there an opportunity for deworming at MyDOG and how much does it cost?

Yes, we will have a veterinarian on-site for deworming. Contact the secretariat for assistance. If you bring your own tablet, the service is free of charge; otherwise, it costs 100 SEK. Payment is accepted in cash (Swedish kronor).

Can you get a stamp in the passport for deworming before returning to Norway?


My number bib for the exhibition got lost in my email. Is it possible to get a new one emailed so I can print it?

Contact VAKK at tel: 076-0618794 or email: [email protected]. If you can't get in touch before the exhibition day, you can get a new number bib at the entrance or at the secretariat.

How long is the queue when the dog needs to be vaccinated? Does it take a long time?

Not very long.

Are the same clubs at the Breed Club Square every day?

Yes, the same clubs are there every day. Here you can see which clubs/breeds will be participating at the Breed Club Square 2024 > Link to participating clubs and breeds

I would like to book accommodation during MyDOG, how do I proceed?


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