Why visit MyDOG?

Whether you already have a dog, are thinking about getting one, or simply love dogs: MyDOG is the place for you!

Whether you already have a dog, are thinking about getting one, or simply love dogs: MyDOG is the place for you!

For dog owners

MyDOG is the place to develop your interest in dogs. Here, you get plenty of tips and ideas on how your life with a dog can be both more fun and exciting!
Meet other dog owners, specialists, and experts. Shop for dog accessories and products at great fair prices. At MyDOG, you and your dog can also try new dog sports, discover new training methods, and meet new dog friends.

Over 8,000 dogs attend the fair – this is where you get to know new breeds and meet specialists from your own breed group. MyDOG is the meeting place with 100% focus on you and your interest in dogs.

For those looking to buy a dog

Buying a dog is a wonderful but significant decision. At MyDOG and Breed Club Square, you can get help to make the right choice. Here, you can ask experts about the characteristics and personalities of different dog breeds and get assistance in finding breeders and the breed that best suits you and your family.

On the exhibition floor, you can buy everything you need for your new family member. Take part in activities, exciting dog demonstrations, and be inspired by how the professionals train their dogs.
Here, you have every opportunity to become the world’s best dog owner!

For the whole family

A weekend with over 7,000 dogs is a paradise for all families with children. At MyDOG, you can pet, cuddle, and enjoy dog breeds from all over the world. Experience fun dog sports such as obedience and breed judging. Watch our highly appreciated dog theater and exciting police dog demonstrations.

There are competitions of all kinds. The most beautiful dog of the year is chosen among thousands of competitors. Visit us and share in our passion for dogs, a truly wow experience for the whole family.

At Breed Club Square, you can learn everything about different dogs and dog breeds!

For dog lovers

We love dogs, and if you share our passion, this is the place for you. For four days, the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre transforms into the largest dog event in the Nordics, focusing on dogs and their well-being.

Here, you will find training sessions on our stages, over 8,000 dogs competing in breed judging, dog demonstrations ranging from theater to hard-working police dogs – and everything in between. There is no other place where the heart beats so strongly for dogs as it does here.


Embrace your love for man’s best friend and enjoy four days with us!

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